Dayspring Baptist Mission began as a street ministry at the corner of W. Oldham Ave. and McSpadden St. next door to the largest housing project in Knoxville. Pastor Ron says that it actually started in his mind and heart years before as he ministered in prisons of south Florida. He grew up here and like Nehemiah in the Old Testament, he had a desire to return home.

Pastor Ron says that when he came back to visit Knoxville it seemed like he was drawn to this corner where our ministry is now located. He saw that the need was great for the gospel to be preached and in 2000 the Lord allowed him to relocate to the area. He says that he began by renting an electric cord for his amplifier at $20 a month from a lady who had a business in the building that is now our academy.

They would sing and preach the gospel on that corner and the folks came to listen. As time went by they noticed that lots of children were coming, so the ministry shifted to the children. During this time, God showed Pastor Ron the little ones are the key to bringing real change. If we can reach the children with the gospel, The chains of sin and entitlement that have bound America”s inner cities can be broken. Over the years, well meaning people, in both government and churches, have created a system of entitlement in this area. God showed Pastor Ron, the solution to the needs of this area is not a handout, but a hand-up. They need the gospel above everything else.

Out of this effort, Dayspring Baptist Mission was born and over the years God has blessed time and time again. God is so good. He gave us the storefront building on the corner where Pastor Ron began preaching. This building began as our church and now houses our academy. God has given us the entire side of the block where the school is located. With the help of God and His people we have constructed a beautiful church building next door to the school. We have also been able to purchase a large commercial building behind the school that we use for a lunch room and in the future will house additional classrooms.

As we look back, it is amazing what God has done here. Our church is small and not able to bear the financial needs of this ministry, yet we go on. We have a very low tuition at our school which does not cover our expenses, yet we go on. All the glory belongs to God. He has provided every step of the way. Pray for us. We expect even greater things from God.